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When it Comes to CBD, It's the Wild Wild West out there...

Now that CBD is legal, consumers must decipher the sea of information before making a decision, and that can be a challenging situation with all of the misconceptions surrounding the industry.

CBD: Frequently Asked Questions

Since the 2018 Farm Bill there has been a frenzy around the cannabis industry. The legalization of CBD comes with many, many questions and concerns for those interested in its health benefits.

While both CBD and marijuana come from the same species of plant, Cannabis sativa, they do not share the same phytochemical makeup. Hemp from which CBD is derived, contains less than 0.3% THC by weight (dry), the psychoactive element of the plant. Three species of the cannabis exist; Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. Marijuana describes cannabis containing more than 0.3%, typically much more, and can induce the "high" often associated with cannabis.

Yes, in all 50 states, although each state has the final discretion. Medical marijuana is a different story and adds an element of confusion to the cannabis landscape. States such as Idaho and South Dakota have no statutes making medical cannabis legal, but both do allow CBD legally under federal legislation with some restrictions. Idaho in particular allows zero THC in retail CBD products, not the national legal amount of up to 0.3%, making many products illegal for retail sale unbeknownst to some business owners.

In a word, no. All the possible THC has been removed from the hemp plant in the extraction process, leaving only what is known as CBD isolate in powder form, exactly what Big Sky Tinctures uses, and it will not get you high. Other types of CBD such as full or broad spectrum can contain a small amount of the psychoactive element tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), up to 0.3% legally.

CBD: Common Misconceptions

Misinformation is common in an industry with so little regulation and so many growers, processors, and distributors. It is always a good idea to you rown research in referencing documentation or resources when looking for CBD.

Not quite. Although CBD has been legalized federally and the FDA has approved the oral solution Epidiolex to help with certain epileptic disorders by reducing siezures, cannabidiol will not eliminate illnesses, correct disorders, or cure diseases1. Numerous studies have shown the potential efficacy of CBD oil for general well being, pain relief, and even reducing anxiety. As with any medication, it is highly suggested that you consult your healthcare professional before beginning any CBD regimen.

Source: 1. Silvestro, Serena et al. “Use of Cannabidiol in the Treatment of Epilepsy: Efficacy and Security in Clinical Trials.” Molecules (Basel, Switzerland) vol. 24,8 1459. 12 Apr. 2019, doi:10.3390/molecules24081459

As a legal requirement to grow industrial hemp for CBD, each and every crop must be tested multiple times prior to harvest and processing. Legality aside, protocols for farming hemp derived CBD vary widely, such as seed source, soil quality, water source, and more. All of this adds up to have a large impact on quality and this effectiveness of any final product. In addition, harvest method, extraction processes, and consequent manufacturing of the retail product have very little regulatory oversight at this time.

Caveat emptor (buyer beware) is accurate in many circumstances, and certainly when it comes to the budding CBD industry. Do your research and you should have no problem sourcing a quality, effective product that you will enjoy day after day. This research should always include seeing a Certificate of Analysis on the current product you are considering. Beware of the tendency for a company to provide what looks like third-party verification - if you are suspicious a quick Google search of the analyzing lab should suffice.

Finally, it may take a few trials before you find what you're looking for in a CBD product. Don't be afraid to call the company directly and ask questions to make sure you get your money's worth!

Well, it depends. Urine analysis or drug screens test for THC, not CBD, and their phytochemical makeups are not quite the same. Many products claim to contain only CBD but may not have the product tested and provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) showing what's contained. What could potentially cause a positive drug screen are the numerous terpenoids and cannibidoils contained in both broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD oils, even though they only contain 0.3% THC or less.

If you are looking for a THC free product, verify first the contents by viewing the Certificate of Analysis provided by the company you intend to purchase from. Test results will show LOQ (limite of quantitation), ND (non-detectible), or less than 0% THC contained. This will virtually guarantee you will not be ingesting THC and will thus be able to pass a drug test.

Certified Quality Delivered to Your Door

Every batch of Big Sky Tinctures is tested for quality and best by dated prior to being shipped to you. Verification processes are rigorous to prove quality ingredients, including numerous field tests (while grown in Montana) and a Certificate of Analysis for the final product, which is not required by law.

We do it anyway.

Providing our customers with a quality product is paramount, and everything we do is to help you. If you are considering CBD for the first time or you've seen the difference for years, we know how important your trust, and business, are in the ocean of options online. We look forward to serving you and yours.

Graham & Jordan, Big Sky Tinctures

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