Choose from Original, Focus, or Tranquil in 1000 milligram tinctures for your monthly CBD subscription. Consistent balance of the endocannabinoid system is essential for your personal physical fitness and mental well being. Every month you'll receive your choice and maintain full control to manage your delivery through a simple, straightforward selection process that includes no hassle cancellation, easy navigation, and options for upgrades.

Why the subscription model for our customers? Simple, three reasons:

  • Save time - no trips to the shopping center, you get delivery direct to your home,
  • Never run out... just like toilet paper, you never want to find your CBD tincture empty...
  • Stop paying more: your choice to pay for a name brand or value, the choice is simple!

And the best part... You get free shipping on every monthly subscription (excluding 1st month free offer).


NOTE: First month free (plus $9.99 S&H) will be reflected at checkout.